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Deep Work

Last updated Mar 31, 2023

Or also called flow. Introduced in the book Deep Work (Cal Newport).

TODO: Definiton of flow/deep work.

# How I get into Deep Work (Flow)

  1. Journal before going to bed what 1-2 tasks you must/want to achieve tomorrow.
  2. Go to bed early (at night, you usually don’t achieve much anyhow)
  3. Have a good sleep
  4. Get up before the kids :) (don’t turn on the phone).
  5. Make your bed.
  6. Later take a walk in nature after lunch.
  7. Change environment/room if stuck.

Music: focusatwill.com.
Books: Everything from Cal Newport.


Origin: Flow state can be an incredibly productive (and enjoyable) mindset - Matthew Darwin on LinkedIn
Created 2022-08-11