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Welcome to my public Second Brain! This is a space where I store my notes, ideas, insights, and connections I’ve made throughout my life. Organized as a Zettelkasten (or a Digital Garden), you can explore the various topics that interest me, learn from the content I’ve gathered, and see how everything is connected.

There are multiple ways to navigate my Second Brain:

  1. Use the search bar on the top right or press cmd+k (ctrl+k on Windows) or click on the Search button (top right) to search for any term.
  2. Click on a note to explore its content, and follow the links and backlinks to dive deeper into related topics.
  3. Interact with the graph at the bottom of the page to visualize connections between notes and click on any node to navigate directly to that note.

# Map of Content (MOC)

My Second Brain is continuously growing, and while I have some essential Map of Content (MOC) starting points listed below, there are many more topics to discover as you explore. Feel free to dive into any of the following areas:

Category Topics
Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Smart Note Taking, Zettelkasten, Linking Your Thinking (LYT), Literature Notes, Fleeting Notes, Permanent Notes, Obsidian
Deep Life Digital Minimalism, Deep Work, What Makes a Happy Life, Ultradian Rhythm, Routines such as Sports or Meditation, Journaling, Stoic
Writing & Reading On Writing, How to Write Well, Writing Effectively, Writers Block, Future of Blogging, Plaintext Files, How to Read Books, Speed Reading, Reading Books for a Happy Life, Readwise
Data Engineering Visit the Data Engineering Vault, a map of content I’ve curated, focusing on data and data engineering concepts.
Productivity Getting Things Done (GTD), Two Minutes Rules, Creativity vs Productivity, HEY-Screener in (Neo)Mutt
Digital Garden Public Second Brain with Quartz, Open-source Obsidian Publish Alternatives, Static Site Generators (SSG)
Python Python and Functional Programming, Python args and kwargs
Other Topics Minimalism, Location Independent Lifestyle, Education is Changing, Vim

Enjoy exploring my Second Brain, and I hope you find valuable insights and connections that inspire or help you in your journey!

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