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Writer's Block

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

As with Creativity vs Productivity, I try to embrace the block and do some creative work instead. Writing is supposed to be hard. If you go on and get over the first 10 minutes (Ultradian Rhythm), you will get into the flow and Deep Work again.

Another way of saying this is Quality vs Quantity. Before you get stuck, you’ll feel it; you just switch to quantity and push out easy, fast writing. It could be going from a long blog or book to a note on your second brain, or just Journaling. Or read something, watch a YouTube, compress it, Tweet and share it with your audience, and come back. You’ll be unblocked and have lots of ideas. Your brain will subconsciously, while you do the other thing and relax, work on your quality piece. ^6dbb01

What else can we learn from writer’s block? Have clear Strategy and Goals that brings you clarity and instead of adding, subtract (RW Subtract Derek Sivers) first.

# Strategies to unblock

There is no talking block, only writer’s block. Jonny Miller

Interestingly if we change Medium, we can unblock it:

Great read on the very topic: RW If You Have Writer’s Block, Maybe You Should Stop Lying.

# Other resources I found helpful

Lots to learn also on Four Thousand Weeks, Time Management for Mortals - Oliver Burkeman and discussion in the podcast with Four Thousand Weeks, Time Management for Mortals - Oliver Burkeman.

Acknowledge that writing is hard. Writing is like programming, it’s problem solving. That’s why it’s hard to code and after that write in the evenings, as both are trying to solve problems. Said by Brandon Sanderson in Bonus Episode: Originality, Writing and Career Fulfilment with Brandon Sanderson - Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal | Podcast on Spotify

Origin: What is Time
Created 2022-08-18