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Last updated Mar 18, 2024

# About this Newsletter

Welcome to SELECT Insights, your curated and DISTINCT 😉 newsletter. I’m Simon, a dad and a data engineer with over 20 years of experience. As the author of the living book “ Data Engineering Design Patterns”, I continuously explore and share the evolving landscape of data engineering.

In my career, I’ve seen technologies and terms evolve in cycles, a concept I liken to convergent evolution in nature. This newsletter is an extension of that exploration, where I dissect these patterns, offering clear, accessible narratives that connect deep technical concepts to their practical applications. Join me in this ongoing journey of discovery and understanding, as we navigate the fascinating world of data engineering together, one pattern at a time.

My mission is to distill the most relevant content into digestible, unique insights delivered straight to your inbox.

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# What Awaits You

# Why SELECT Insights?

I deeply value your time and your inbox. That’s why SELECT Insights is designed to be inspirational, fresh, and succinct. Does it sound intriguing? Subscribe now.

SELECT Insights

The name is a playful nod to SQL, underlining my commitment to curating the most engaging and valuable content from the ever-expanding sea of news and information.

# Past Editions: A Glimpse

Below are summaries of our previous adventures. Click to revisit or catch up and get a glimpse.

# 24 March Edition - Practical Data Engineering Guide

Read: 2024 March Edition

Find my latest update on my hands-on real-estate project and what has changed in the last three years since I posted it. I also changed the format to more prosal writing, instead of a collection of text.

# 23 July Edition - Open Data Stack Unveiled

Read: 2023 July Edition

Discover the Open Data Stack, a versatile framework surpassing the ‘Modern Data Stack.’ We delve into tools like Dremio, the benefits of open-source solutions, and the shift towards more agile, microservices-based approaches in data engineering.

# 23 June Edition - Orchestrating Data Harmony

Read: 2023 June Edition

Explore the evolving landscape of Data Orchestration. We discuss the fragmentation challenges, Dagster’s growth, and Microsoft Fabric’s potential in bridging gaps within the Open Data Stack.

# 23 April Edition - The Inaugural Voyage

Read: 2023 April Newsletter.

Welcome to the first-ever newsletter – a uniquely curated blend of topics and updates.