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Last updated Jul 16, 2023

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Welcome to SELECT Insights, your curated and DISTINCT 😉 gateway into the data ecosystem and the thought-provoking ideas that I’m currently exploring.

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SELECT Insights

The name is a playful nod to SQL, underlining my commitment to curating the most engaging and valuable content from the ever-expanding sea of news and information.

Below you will find the summary of previously sent Newsletter and link to each of them.

# July Edition

Read: SELECT Insights - Open Data Stack

Diving into the exciting world of the Open Data Stack, an integral and adaptable framework that outshines the ‘Modern Data Stack’ due to its open-source nature and better tool integration. This openness enables the utilization of tools like Dremio, which are not open-source but operate based on open standards. This edition will help you navigate this rapidly evolving field, explaining the shift from monolithic, bundled solutions to more agile, microservices-driven approaches. We also explore the benefits of an open data stack, such as leveraging existing, tested solutions, and easily integrating with various tools.

# June Edition

Read: SELECT Insights - Bundling with Microsoft Fabric and Orchestration

Data Orchestration is increasingly significant in the data engineering ecosystem. Despite its importance, there’s a concerning trend of orchestrator unbundling across multiple tools, causing fragmentation. Key developments include Dagster’s $33 million Series B funding and Microsoft’s launch of Microsoft Fabric.
Microsoft provides robust no-code solutions but lacks an open-source orchestrator—a gap potentially filled by the Open Data Stack.
Discussions at Stephen Bailey’s Symposium suggest orchestrators need to emphasize speed, simplicity, data ingestion, actions, integration, and controlled chaos. Data Engineering should be viewed as a collaborative field, not a single job role.

# April Edition

Dive in to read the full update on April Newsletter 2023.

Welcome to the first-ever newsletter – a uniquely curated blend of topics and updates. This edition serves as a mixed bag of the latest from my Second Brain, recent strides in data engineering, nuggets on writing and Markdown, as well as a peek into the geeky world of coding with neovim, dotfiles, and more. We’ll also meander through interesting life happenings and dive into some engaging books that have enriched my recent readings.