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Digital Minimalism

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

The elephant in the room is today’s distractions, such as social media apps that the most advanced technology companies make and Neuroscientists to make you  addicted. In Digital Minimalism (Cal Newport)Cal Newport suggests that deleting all social media apps is already a good start as all companies will track you through the app. Instead, use the browser, they will have less or no GPS information when you open the app, cannot send you to push notifications, etc. You are already addicted, as hard as you want to tell yourself otherwise.

Another way to get out of the loop is a  30 day sabbatical from social media. To get back to you and see what you truly miss. Instead of scrolling through Instagram whenever you wait 2 seconds, maybe you can do it once a week Friday evening with a glass of wine. Wouldn’t that sound amazing?

Besides the book, follow Cal Newport on his  website or read more on Slow Productivity.

# Discussion with Tiago Forte and the The Minimalists

My Summary of this Escape the Consumption Trap - YouTube

What is valuable for me? Success comes from the journey; it can’t be planned. If you plan to go to NYC and end up in another place you like, you fail the goal but succeed still, as it is a happier place than you wanted to be in the first place. The journey should be the joy, not the outcome. Hell Yeah or No is the best motivation for Joshua. Game of Freedom: You need boundaries, if there is none, how can play it (or therefore enjoy; be Playful?). Having no rules, is a freedom you do not want. Tweet

Created 2022-08-27