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Deep Life

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Deep life, and productivity on their own do not work. Cal Newport.

Besides a sound Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), a place to store all your knowledge and handle your to-dos, much more is needed for a fulfilled life. Most of them happen inside my PKM system. That’s why it’s strongly connected with a deep life, which helped me keep grounded and to have a better meaningful life, similar to what the PKM system does to me.

A word to the term Deep Life. I heard it in the latest Tim Ferriss Podcast with Cal Newport, one of the leading people in the productivity space. He talked about Deep Life and explained what he thinks about it as of today. With my already written chapters at that time, I found that it perfectly fits his description. But without further ado, let’s get into each of them and see how they connect to my PKM system and other parts of my life.

# Stoic

# Journaling

# Digital vs Paper (see Journaling)

# Routines such as Sports or Meditation

# Stop reading News

# Reading Books for a Happy Life

# What Makes a Happy Life

# Digital Minimalism

More on Personal Knowledge Management Workflow for a Deeper Life.

Origin: Personal Knowledge Management Workflow for a Deeper Life
References: Deep Work
Created 2022-08-01