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Pathless Path

Last updated May 17, 2023

Pathless Path is from the book The Pathless Path (Paul Millerd).

The Pathless Path is experimenting on your own to find a life you want to live vs. “getting ahead” on a script others follow – embracing uncertainty & discomfort. Whereas the opposite, the Default Path follows the planning/conforming path.

The book and the term Pathless Path inspired me to write my own story about my life, Finding My Pathless Path.

I went out of comfort early on My Pathless Path

  • worked on been (instead of everyone on SO)
  • applied for a job there
  • went to Australia for 15 weeks by myself
  • lived by myself 22? opposed in a WG as everyone else
  • after 4 years get again out of comfort being a consultant 4 years
  • doing a study on the side while working as a consultant 90%
  • after going to a foreign country, living there by myself
  • applying for a job in English
  • changing job to be a writer and 100% remote

Created 2023-02-26