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Future of Blogging

Last updated Jun 23, 2023

I think personal Second Brain below is the future of blogging. Notes or Zettels are updated constantly, evolving, and hosted on plain Markdown files. No lock-in into a platform that will be gone in 2-3 years, as I experienced many times throughout my career.

👉🏻 Check out other first movers: Other Public Second Brains.

Example of a Second Brain called Data Glossary 🧠. See the Website, open on GitHub.

I’m a big Markdown fan. In Markdown vs Rich Text, you see the vast advantages over rich tech such as using Google Docs, WordPress, or Webflow and or just using other Open Subscription Platforms like Substack, Medium. These lock you in, the same as additional Note Taking Apps do that do not base on Markdown. Obsidian55 is so powerful, and many people are betting on it, as the notes will be future-proof Plaintext Files.


A Twitter Thread on that topic.

# Want to build one yourself?

I documented the steps in detail on Public Second Brain with Quartz.

Also start Smart Note Taking, which is the fundamentals of each blog post, and convert it into Continuous Notes.

Origin: My Tweet
References: Blogging
Created 2023-05-27