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Future of Blogging

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Personal Second Brains, I believe, represent the future of blogging. These continuously updated and evolving Zettels, hosted on simple Markdown files, offer a dynamic and enduring platform. Unlike many platforms I’ve seen come and go throughout my career, this approach avoids the trap of platform lock-in.

Take my Second Brain, for example. In it, Functional Data Engineering is enriched with backlinks, offering connections that might otherwise remain hidden. For more pioneering examples, explore Other Public Second Brains.

As an avid Markdown enthusiast, I’ve explored the significant advantages of Markdown over rich text in Markdown vs Rich Text. Rich text platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, or Webflow, and even other Open Subscription Platforms such as Substack and Medium, tend to enforce their constraints. In contrast, Markdown-based Note Taking Apps, especially powerful tools like Obsidian, ensure the longevity and flexibility of your content as Plaintext Files.

“Personal Websites for the Win”

We should all have personal websites again. A Twitter Thread showcasing different digital gardens.

# Want to Build Your Own?

I’ve outlined the steps comprehensively in Public Second Brain with Quartz.

Begin with Smart Note Taking, the cornerstone of each blog post, and evolve these into Continuous Notes.

Continue exploring in Digital Garden.

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Created 2023-05-27