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April Newsletter 2023

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Hello friends!

Welcome to the new format of my newsletter! I aim to create a more informal space for updates and discussions on Data Engineering and other topics I explore as I create new content. Expect to receive not just updates on new blog posts, but also interesting tidbits from my life and work.

This newsletter format will evolve as we go, but my vision includes a blend of data engineering insights, highlights from my Second Brain, and inspiring content I come across. We may get more philosophical as I enjoy Stoic Philosophy, Deep Life and others. Writing, and anything else that I find worth sharing.

In this issue, I share a roundup of recent happenings and hope you find something interesting. Please feel free to reply with your thoughts or suggestions, or if you have a topic you’d like me to cover.

Excited to connect with you through this new medium!

# Now

Curious about what I’m up to? Check out my Now Page and see my latest updates at Now. Some highlights may also appear in this newsletter.

Recently, I transitioned my newsletter from Mailchimp to a self-hosted Listmonk platform. This enables seamless sharing of emails in Markdown, managing subscribers, and integrating with my Second Brain, as opposed to using Substack, Ghost, or similar Open Subscription Platforms.

Since my Second Brain already contains relevant links and ideas, it’s incredibly easy to share new insights and background information with just a single click.

# Latest Second Brain Updates

Take a peek at my latest additions or updates to my Second Brain:

I’ve also updated the Entry Page of my second brain, making it more accessible for exploring without a specific topic in mind. Twitter / LinkedIn

In addition to the Second Brain updates, I’ve published a few insightful articles on Airbyte’s Blog that you might find interesting:

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out some of my most popular articles:

# Social Media:

I’ve been sharing some interesting articles and thoughts on social media. Here are a few of the most popular ones grouped by topic, so you can quickly find the ones that interest you:

# Data Engineering

# Writing and Markdown

# Random, Life

# Coding (Neovim, dotfiles, nerdy stuff)

I’ve been having a blast with Neovim, Tmux, and other tools, which you can find in my dotfiles. Here are some articles and threads I’ve shared recently:

# Books

I’ve enjoyed reading these fascinating books lately:

# What’s Next?

I hope you enjoyed this update! It turned out longer than I expected, but I wanted to share the highlights with you. The next newsletter will be shorter and focus more on my musings about Data Engineering and the interesting tips and tricks I discover.

Until next time, happy reading and exploring!

Created 2023-04-07