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Hell Yeah or No: The Power of Saying No

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

or what’s worth doing.

A lot is also about saying no. The mental model of “ Hell Yeah, or No” served me well to focus on things that give me energy. If many things make you happy, know you can only do so much.

Saying no is also about Thinking Fast and Slow as you need to assess appointments, house chores, and many temptations (YouTube, Netflix, Podcasts). It’s always a choice; you can only do some. It helps to think: “Would that make me happy if it were today?”. Does it give me energy or drain energy? Pick a few, and invest in them slowly; over time, it will compound.

I optimize for saying yes to things that fill up my energy. That is not always possible, but if you have that mental model in your mind, you will make better decisions.

Also, have a compass in mind, like journal on things you want to do in 3-5 years, and align values, principles and purpose. Subtract instead of adding more. Andrew Thomas calls it the idea of choice, others Minimalism.

Excerpt from Derek:

Overwhelmed? If you feel anything less than “hell yeah!” about something, say no. We say yes too often. By saying no to almost everything, you leave space and time in your life to throw yourself completely into the few things that matter most.

Things worth doing, or fixing faulty thinking, and making things happen:

  • Be proud to be a slow thinker.
  • Goals shape the present, not future.
  • Assume you’re below average.
  • Life has no speed limit.
  • What’s obvious to you is amazing to others.
  • Relax for the same result.

A great read of saying no to traveling with kids as a DevRel by Robin Moffatt in RW Travelling for Work, With Kids at Home.

Origin: jearned from Derek Sivers with RW Hell Yeah or No (he wrote a book about it).
Created 2023-01-17