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Creativity vs Productivity

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Creativity and Productivity are two of the same thing. You can’t be creative without being productive. It’s a pendulum that goes forth and back.

For me, these are two different things that I do interchangeably. I chose to be creative, where I try to be productive all the time but do not force it, especially for writing and coding; I experienced its contra effective to be super productive at everything. That’s why as Tiago Forte says, it needs to go forth and back to have the right balance. Fixing on one does not bring you forward.

It’s the best thing I found yet for eliminating Writers Block.

I also experienced it with Vim where I tried to upgrade my productivity until all I did was optimize constantly. But after a while, I did the same with Obsidian, if I found a good ground, I do not change too much anymore, and I am so much more productive (and also having fun at the same time) than when I wouldn’t have invested these initial time that wasn’t productive. It reminds me of PDE (Personalized Development Environment), where fun is also a part of the equation.

Also, check out Pantser vs. Plotter where the difference is outlining beforehand or free flow.

Origin: exact spot: YouTube, Confronting my Productivity Guru - Tiago Forte (Transcript)
Created 2022-08-17