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Writing Effectively (with Value)

Last updated Jan 17, 2023

Write valuable things to your readers! Don’t explain as in school. Don’t create new/original knowledge (if it’s not valuable, who cares?).

Also focus on clarity, your audience and writing simple see Write Simply, with Clarity and the Audience in mind. Make sure readers learn something new.

On why writing an essay: the writer writes because he wants to think. Couple of thoughts here:

We are moving forward from instability (which is the interesting one), not from stability (when we say chronologically what happened). The interesting one is the first one when you challenge each opinion and ask questions, challenge and comment on points they made.

Interesting comment from YouTube
“Writing is not about communicating your ideas, it is about changing readers’ ideas”. You can also do this by entering your dreams at a deep level, I saw it in a movie! Thomas Fagerli

# Interesting connections

I found captivating connections when digging into writing effectively such as #smartnotetaking #secondbrain #journaling and #personalknowledgemanagement.

Manifesting in the differentiation between writing for myself (thinking) and publishing articles (bringing value to readers).

Origin: The Craft of Writing Effectively - YouTube, The Craft of Writing Effectively a Summary Robin Writes Code Prose Maths
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Created 2022-11-09