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OLTP (Online Transactional Processing)

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

OLTP stands at the core of daily digital transactions, powering systems like ATMs, online banking, cash registers, and e-commerce platforms. It represents the Operational Database or the database of an application, typically structured using a Relational Model.

OLTP enables the real-time processing of numerous database transactions by a large number of users, often over the Internet. These transactions include changes, insertions, deletions, or queries within a database.

A key feature of OLTP is the atomicity of transactions. This means that each transaction is indivisible and must either fully succeed or fail. There’s no room for incomplete or pending states in OLTP systems.

For analytical purposes, data is often moved from OLTP systems to analytical environments using processes like Data Ingestion and Data Integration. This data is then utilized in Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, or leveraged to build OLAP systems for deeper insights.

Created 2023-12-06