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Location Independent Lifestyle?

Last updated Mar 31, 2023

Firstly, what is location-independent work or a nomadic lifestyle? I would describe it as not being tied to a particular location for any reason. And why would you want this? There are several answers besides the obvious you travel the world, learn from other cultures, and meet amazing people.

For me, it is also about productivity when on the road I get into deep focus. While having a delicious coffee, I can get things done for 2-3 hours. Additionally, I get natural breaks during traveling or sightseeing in a city and use them when I get stuck. With that, I also get this awesome feeling that probably many of us perceived when having this perfect day with seeing many new things, but even managed to work a couple of hours although sometimes it is more and sometimes less.

Some pictures when I was enjoying the independent lifestyle on Today’s Office – The Location Independent Lifestyle.

Origin: Today’s Office – The Location Independent Lifestyle
Created 2023-02-15