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Computer Desk Setup (Todays Office)

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Swipe through these images to see the progression of my desk setups over time, from side-by-side displays to an ultrawide and portrait combo, and finally to a single 27’’ or an extended laptop setup for meetings.

Throughout this journey, I’ve tried various alignments and configurations, ultimately concluding that the best setup for me is a single screen with separate desktops. I switch between them using these handy shortcuts:

🖥️ Alt+1: Terminal for coding
🖥️ Alt+2: Obsidian for notes, thinking, writing, and my Second Brain
🖥️ Alt+3: Browser for research and browsing needs
🖥️ Alt+4: Music, featuring Spotify and Focus@Will for all things auditory
🖥️ Alt+5: Collaboration tools like Slack, Asana, Nirvana, and my to-do lists
🖥️ Alt+6: Extra (when laptop screen is open): Additional screens for meetings with Zoom, etc.
🖥️ Alt+7: Extra (when laptop screen is open)

I’ve also experimented with various keyboards and mice. Currently, I’m using the Kinesis Advantage 2 and My KBDFans DZ65RGB as my daily drivers.

What is your go to setup after trying different setups?

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Which one are you? 😉

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Origin: Then vs. Now
References: Location Independent Lifestyle
Created 2023-04-05