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Stop reading News

Last updated Aug 27, 2022

A long time ago, I stopped reading the news. Not reading the news doesn’t mean that I’m uninformed. But I stopped reading the newest, most attention-driven headline updated 100 times a day. As everyone probably knows, the news makes us depressed if we read it every day. They are rather focused on the negative or radical things instead of things that would make fun to read.

I usually read once a while in my  RSS feed, where I have subscribed to all blog posts, and specific categories of news I’m interested in and read through it. The significant benefit: I can quickly glance over 100 posts without distraction. On top of these tools, for example, I’m using  Feedly, they have some ratings and marks on how many others have read it. These ratings give me a sense of urgency if I only have a short time, and I want to know what’s happening. I can just read the high-rated once.

Reading negative headlines and depressing news will, over time, make you think wrong and depressed. With COVID, where most probably all of us read the news hourly, we know how this feels. Another aspect is that news typically reports from the whole world. In contrast to a couple of years back, when you primarily were informed about the place you lived in, now you know every detail of everything in the world. Famously  A Sack of Rice fell over 😃.

Since doing that for a long time, I have had exciting conversations with co-workers or friends and family because I am not up-to-date on the latest and can ask genuine questions about what has happened. Compared to everyone knows from reading the news all day which usually stops any conversation from starting at all.

Another exciting aspect is  Positive News, which try a different approach to all news portal we know. Some other articles worth reading for that matter are  After Reading This, You’ll Never Watch the News Again and  The Low Information Diet.

Origin: Personal Knowledge Management Workflow for a Deeper Life
Created 2022-08-27