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Reading Books for a Happy Life

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Instead of reading depressing news what will make you happy, is reading books. If you are not a bookworm or not reading generally, you won’t agree with this. But as someone who didn’t read at all or was slow for a long time, I can tell you it’s true. Because by reading, you enlarge your horizon, you learn something new, or if you read a fantasy book, you dive into another world in an undistracted calming way.

I rarely read fantasy, though. I get quickly bored as I’m not learning anything new. That is fine for me on vacation, but other times, I do not want to “waste” my precious time on it. For sure, that is different for everyone.

A game change was opening an account on  Audible. I’m listening now to a book a month compared to before, maybe once a year. Additionally, I listen to many podcasts and try to produce besides only consuming. But reading, or in my case, listening to books, is a pleasure. If you are not reading or listening to books, I’d say you didn’t find the right book yet. Because there are  129'864'880 Books in the world, and if you find a good one, you do not want to stop reading it.

What keeps me listening to more audiobooks is that these are downloaded offline to my phone. So when I’m on a plane or anywhere else, I can listen. It’s also handy to read ten minutes if I am standing in a line, waiting for a friend, doing the dishes or a couple of minutes before bedtime with the phone in flight mode. Listening to my favourite book instead of only waiting in line always gave me a sense of happiness.

By reading, you learn more. By learning, you are a happier person, I believe. Therefore  Live as you die tomorrow, learn as you live forever.

Finishing Books
Don’t feel bad to not finish books. Sometimes authors write 300 pages about something which could be said in two sentences. So don’t feel shy if you got the gist after reading only part of the book and it does not get better. What I do is skip several chapters and see if it gets better. If not, I delete it from my audible and take the next one.

Want to Read List
As well keep a want to read list somewhere (I use  Goodreads). You always have interesting books in the pipeline that people suggested or heard on a podcast. Also, the ratings on Goodreads or Amazon are good indications if a book is worth a while or not. Also, please read the comments. Sometimes, some bad critics are something you like or enjoy.

Origin: Personal Knowledge Management Workflow for a Deeper Life
References: My Favorite Quotes (Zitate)
Created 2022-08-27