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Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Metrics, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and Calculated Measures are pivotal terms forming the foundation of how business performance is measured and defined. Understanding and defining an organization’s KPIs is essential, requiring a shared comprehension across the team. Metrics, central to Metrics Layers and Semantic Layers, are commonly displayed in business reports and dashboards, offering organization-wide accessibility.

A Metric, synonymous with KPI or a calculated measure, acts as a cornerstone in gauging and outlining business performance. They typically emerge in business reports and dashboards, providing a clear view of organizational performance to all members.

Consider operational metrics that reflect your company’s performance and service levels, or financial metrics that illustrate its fiscal health. These metrics are often defined through elaborate SQL statements within BI Tools.

Calculated measures, integral to metrics, relate specifically to Dimensions, traditionally mapped in a Bus Matrix. Dimensions represent categorical aspects used for segmentation, filtering, grouping, slicing, and dicing. Examples include sales amount, region, city, product, color, and distribution channel. These concepts are further explored in Dimensional Modeling.

# Additional Measures and Templates

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Created 2022-09-19