Do you listen to music while working?

Do you listen to music while working?

If yes, there is one best thing I used for the last time. If you listen to music while you working or study, this makes you focus on the work:

It is a music player with neuroscience based music channels, which dosen’t disturb you.

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Stop the wrong music.
50% of us play background music while studying, working or inventing. But…it’s the wrong music! Mainstream music lowers comprehension and creates distraction because it is designed to connect with you intellectually and emotionally.

Use the right music!
Focus@will technology delivers various “Attention Amplifying” music channels scientifically designed to engage with your brain’s limbic system. This soothes the easily distracted fight or flight mechanism increasing attention span and general focus.

The science behind this.
We developed this in partnership with leading neuroscientists Dr. Evian Gordon ( and Dr. Stephen Sideroff (UCLA Professor of Psychology). Trials show typical 12-15% positive increase in focus biomarker and up to 400% extended session time.

For more information: or for a free trial:

Try it by your self! For my experience, I used it for my bachelor degree and is was unbelievable how focused and concentrated I worked on my project.

Have fun.

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