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Why have your Website

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Inspired by Why does every personal website look like this now?, I tweeted:

Please create your own website. Don’t give away all your content to social media. That was always my philosophy; therefore, my website has a lot of content. I created knowledge for myself, not for other huge companies.

Eric does a fantastic job explaining the Second Brain mantra and what Derek Sivers is doing so great (check Tech Independence), adding all his content on his website. He also mentioned Luke Smith’s website and Jared White’s.

If you like this, also check out Other Public Second Brains, which is people sharing their second brains and, therefore, their wealth of knowledge. I think it’s the Future of Blogging.

Essentially, don’t build your castle in other people’s kingdoms, and try to write long-term.

# Should you use Substack or others?

I would NOT. I started with LinkedIn Articles, then there was Medium (Luckily, I already uploaded it from my blog), and there is now Substack (very hyped) and many more (Open Subscription Platforms). So what is next?

Every time you need to migrate over (if not, what a pity for all the content and hard work!). I have had my website since 2007 (many iterations since then), and I enjoy the process and owning everything myself.

And isn’t going on someone else’s website like exploring their unique personality? I love that most when I read on someone else website, and not not the same template as the other hundreds of Substack’s. This is just my opinion.

But I’m hoping people realize this and build their websites again. Sure, it’s also hard work, but it will pay off, and also the migration and optimizing on other platforms also takes time.

Origin: Why does every personal website look like this now? - YouTube
Created 2023-07-07