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Obsidian Smart Connections

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Chat with your notes in Obsidian. Plus, see what’s most relevant in real time. Interact and stay organized. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT-4 & Embeddings.

# Features

I don’t actually find myself using the chat/prompts all that much. It’s mostly a fallback to embedding-related features, which are great. For that, plugin^ has a feature that’ll show you semantically related notes to the one you’re on.

Tags are supposed to solve this, of course, but I find I don’t tag everything, or make mistakes in my tagging system, which this helps me catch. For E.g., below notice, I had a page called “intellectual honesty,” and SC related it to a tag called “wisdom,” which I’d completely forgotten about. twitter.com/imrobertyi/status/1738230981684027822

I usually use Excalibrain, which shows links and their level links, which I made. But semantically related links are definitely a cool, helpful thing.

# Privacy

The plugin integratesĀ  OpenAI Embeddings, a technology from the organization behind ChatGPT, to use AI that finds connections between notes. Instead of matching keywords, the AI interprets your notes as 1,536-dimension vectors!

Note: This does mean that your notes are sent to OpenAI’s servers to be processed and are subject to theirĀ  Terms of Service.Ā TheĀ File ExclusionsĀ andĀ Folder ExclusionsĀ settings are designed to help you control which notes are processed.

Origin: twitter.com/imrobertyi/status/1738230081800266081
References: GitHub
Created 2023-12-26