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Obsidian Aliases and Links

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Linking is a powerful tool within Obsidian and there are different ways of doing so. Lets have a look at some of them.

# Regular alias

I can create aliases with

aliases: [Test456]

And then I can link and find the note with Obsidian and it will automatically create this link Test456.

Now the nice part, which I didn’t know until 2023-11-09, but which I should have needed many 1000 times. I can create that exact same link, without the need of the alias. And re-naming, and linking works the same way.

# Linking without alias

Similar to Markdown Links: [my link text](actual note name).

My problem for long:

I’d like to create a Link without the need of creating an Alias. So far I always created the alias first, and then linkt to it.

But as of today, I found, that I don’t need to to it.

Let’s say, I want to link to Test Note but with the name Test456, I can simply create it with [[Test Note|Test-any-alias-I-want]]. I can do the same as what Obsidian did above with Regular alias, but without creating them manually. The best part, if I rename the actual note Test Note, the alias will be updated but keeps the name Test456.

Meaning I do not need to create aliases for plural and singular note names, I can just link with that method.

Created 2023-11-09