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Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager. Performance and features packed into a single binary. Free and open source.

My new Newsletter is published with Listmonk on list.ssp.sh. So far I used Mailchimp. I also liked Buttondown, unfortunately, it costs 9$ for above 100 subscribers.

By using open source Listmonk, I have the sending emails and collecting and unsubscribing from a newsletter, which I needed. But I had to deploy it myself. I used Railway.app.

# Upgrade on Railapp

Railway Redeploy option
see more on Upgrade - listmonk / Documentation

# Backup Postgres DB

Check Automated PostgreSQL Backups.

Restoring data from the backup

Our data should is now being automatically backed up to our S3 bucket. If we ever want to restore this data to a database, we can do so very easily using pg_restore.

First, unzip the backup which is stored as a tar.gz file and then run:


In the above snippet, replace the DATABASE_URL with the connection URL of the database you’d like to restore the data to and the BACKUP_FOLDER with the name of the folder to which you extracted your backup zip file and voila, your backup has been restored!

# Sending Emails of Newsletter

Sending it with Amazon SES.

Origin: Newsletter
References: listmonk - Free and open source self-hosted newsletter, mailing list manager, and transactional mails
Created 2023-04-09