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Create a Book on Markdown

Last updated Jun 30, 2023

For creating a Book on top of Markdown, there are some solutions I want to explore here.

This could be done solely in Obsidian, but there wouldn’t be management around chapters, post-processing and many other things that include a book.

There are that add a such feature, for example, GitBook tackles it from the documentation side. But in the same area, there is Quartz - Publish Obsidian Vault where I build my Second Brain on and all the other Static Site Generators (SSG) website tools. E.g. my Website is built with GoHugo.

But there are also others:

# Examples of Books Written in Public

More on Self Publish a Book.

A great analogy of Writing in Public is the Brazilian Soup Opera.

# Examples of Books in Markdown

# Tools

Read more on Self Publish a Book.

Origin: Book Proposal- Data Engineering Design Patterns (DEDP)
Created 2023-02-20