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Bill Inmon

Last updated Apr 16, 2024

The Father of Data Warehouse often contrasted with Ralph Kimball.

# Introduction

Bill Inmon is a pivotal figure in the field of data warehousing. He is renowned for developing the concept of the data warehouse and is often mentioned in conjunction with Ralph Kimball, another key figure in data warehousing. While Inmon’s approach emphasizes a top-down design where the data warehouse is the centralized repository for all organizational data, Kimball advocates for a bottom-up approach using dimensional data marts.

This fundamental difference in philosophy has led to frequent comparisons and discussions within the industry, encapsulated in the debate known as Inmon vs Kimball.

# Bill’s Bio

Bill Inmon, recognized as the father of the data warehouse concept, has authored over 40 books on topics including data management, data warehouse design, and data processing management. His works have been translated into multiple languages such as Russian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Dutch. Bill has contributed more than 250 articles to various industry journals and has a rich history of entrepreneurship. He founded Prism Solutions, which he later took public. His latest venture, Pine Cone Systems, develops software solutions for managing data warehouses and data marts. Bill is also an inventor holding two software patents. More information, including articles, white papers, and presentations, can be found on his website at www.billinmon.com.

Created 2022-08-09