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Activity Schema

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

A global standard for modeling and querying data

The Activity Schema™ data model is an  open standard for data modeling and transformation. It enables simpler, faster, and more reliable data preparation

# Introduction

From Github: 2.0.md.

An Activity Schema data model is a new paradigm designed for modern data warehouses. It was created and implemented by  Ahmed Elsamadisi at  Narrator.

This new standard for data enables:

  1. Standardized data modeling accross industry, sector and use-case
  2. A simpler structure that is easily understandable
  3. A warehouse-native solution for modeling data.

The Activity Schema model aims for these design goals

At its core an activity schema approach consists of transforming raw tables into a time series table called an Activity Stream. All downstream plots, tables, materialized views, etc used for BI are built directly from that table, with no other dependencies.

The diagram above is the entire dependency graph: only three layers and a single data model. The modeling layer is able to create any kind of aggregation or table needed, and the consistent table structure allows data analyses to be written once and reused elsewhere.

Origin: Matthew Mullins on LinkedIn: The sample size is small, but it’s drawn from professionals in enterprise.… | 18 comments
Created 2023-09-13