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Last updated Feb 9, 2024

SQL, a domain-specific language, is pivotal in programming, especially for managing data in relational database management systems or stream processing in relational data stream systems.

It’s closely tied to Jinja Template within dbt. Beyond Business Intelligence tools, a growing number of data engineering tools are now exclusively integrating with SQL. This is further explored in Building an Analytics API with GraphQL - The Next Level of Data Engineering.

For additional insights, refer to Components of an Analytics API.

# History

SQL was invented in the 1970s based on the Relational Data Model. It was initially known as the structured English query language (SEQUEL). The term was later shortened to SQL.

Oracle, formerly known as Relational Software, became the first vendor to offer a commercial SQL relational database management system.

“History of SQL”

SQL -> Data Mart -> Materialized View -> BI Report -> Traditional OLAP -> BI Dashboard -> Modern OLAP -> dbt tables -> One Big/Wide/Super Table -> Semantic Layer -> Natural Language Queries

# Resources

Created 2022-08-08