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Resolutions (New Year)

Last updated Feb 9, 2024

New year’s resolutions or any new habits are mostly not only good for the benefit of itself, but the side effect that you know you can do anything else too. I quit caffeine for a month. I thought it would be hard, and it was. But instead of getting the benefit of better sleep or less sleep after lunch, the biggest benefit was in the next decision to try out another thing.

As my wife is fasting for one week without meat, I just joined her. Without a doubt, I knew I could handle it for a week. I might not have tried; at least it wouldn’t have come as easy as if I hadn’t done the caffeine detox.

After day 5, I feel as good as I ever felt. I’d say it’s 10x than I felt without coffee. It’s another level of current energy. It feels a little like it’s the real food we are about to eat. I will continue to test if it’s just a placebo or how it evolves. But for you, try to do small things. Don’t mind the scientific benefits or anything, but the knowledge that you have the will to change any (bad) habit helps you even with hard decisions in life.

PS: If you won’t get off coffee, or less, try Matcha its Reasons for Matcha.

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Created 2024-02-08