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Folder Structure P.A.R.A.

Last updated Apr 20, 2023

The only folders you need are four:

Examples include: Complete app mockup; Develop project plan; Execute business development campaign; Write blog post; Finalize product specifications; Attend conference

Examples include: Health; Finances, Professional Development; Travel; Hobbies; Friends; Apartment; Car; Productivity; Direct reports; Product Development; Writing

Examples include: habit formation; project management; transhumanism; coffee; music; gardening; online marketing; SEO; interior design; architecture; note-taking

Examples include: projects that have been completed or become inactive; areas that you are no longer committed to maintaining; resources that you are no longer interested in

# Areas vs Projects

# Projects vs Goals

Each Project must have a clear goal and an end time. This helps me to organise it correctly

Hobbies and dreams must not be in projects and goals! They are good to have, but not here.

# Levels

# Actionable vs non-actionable

between actionable and non-actionable information

Source: https://fortelabs.co/blog/para/ or the book The PARA Method.

Created 2022-08-27