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Flash my KBD Fans Keyboard

Last updated Jun 29, 2024

# Set-up

Update function-layer 09.06.2022:

Some hints:

# Umlaut Hack with Multi-Key and Karabiner-Elements

I managed to map German Umlauts √§ √ľ √∂ with a combination key that I then mapped with Karabiner-Elements.


I mapped CAPS+a u o to lAlt + a u o (Lalt = Left option in Mac) and mapped a Karabiner Rule to produce Left Option to Umlaut.

ACHTUNG: Wenn Umlaute nicht mehr gehen

Also, be sure that alt + a u o is not used by skhd. Otherwise Umlaut will not work anymore!

See: Karabiner-Elements complex_modifications rules

Check Karabiner-Elements settings:

# Change RGB Lights on Keyboard

see above keystrokes:

# Swiss Keyboard layout

Correct Swiss German Keyboard Layout

# Update existing flash file

  1. Go to  QMK Configurator 
  2. Upload .json e.g. dztech_dz65rgb_v3_layout_65_ansi_mine.json file and upload it on this app
  3. do you changes or fix a key
  4. hit compile
  5. click download firmware and download .hex file which can be used to flash see

# Keymap.c (configure yourself)

See on my dotfiles

# How to: App for converting QMK Configurator json to keymap.c

Screenshot:  https://imgur.com/0gLwJz3
App:  https://jhelvy.shinyapps.io/qmkjsonconverter/

I made an app that converts the .json file exported from the  QMK configurator into the code for the keymap.c file in your QMK settings. This is so you can use the configurator to create your layout but then add additional features to your keymap before compiling it.

Here is the recommended workflow to follow:

  1. Go to  https://config.qmk.fm and create a keymap for your keyboard
  2. Download the .json file and upload it on this app
  3. Open the appropriate keymap.c file for the desired keyboard you are working on and copy-paste over the formatted keymap code
  4. Add any other additional features you desire to the keymap.c file