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Last updated Feb 9, 2024

Alternative to ETL and Reverse ETL. More marketing than reality?

In full, the ELTP model encompasses the following steps: 

This design preserves the benefits of ELT while also giving a framework for ensuring that data is efficiently published to downstream consumers and applications.

# Publish Destinations are more than Reverse ETL

All Reverse ETL destinations are Publish-type destinations, but not all Publish destinations are Reverse ETL. The term “Reverse ETL” can still be useful when communicating the unique challenges of publishing to a SaaS system like Salesforce and Hubspot, but the term falls down when describing a publish flow to a partner’s SFTP site or to an external database. Whether publishing to Salesforce, SFTP, S3, or SharePoint, the Publish framing offers a more robust and holistic architectural model that is not tied to the “pickiness” of API-type destinations.

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Origin: ELTP: Extending ELT for Modern AI and Analytics | Airbyte
Created 2023-11-07